Frequent questions : Professionals

What is TherapyNav?

TherapyNav is both a directory of alternative healthcare provides and an appointment booking and management service. TherapyNav specializes in alternative, natural and non-invasive therapies offered by professional practitioners.

What are the benefits for therapists?

As a therapist, you can use TherapyNav to advertise your services, to find new clients and to manage your bookings and cancellations online using our convenient calendar.

What kind of services can I list?

TherapyNav promotes alternative, natural and non-invasive therapies offered by professional practitioners. These can range from osteopathy to acupuncture and from homeopathy to naturopathy. Professionals can advertise the services they offer in person in a private clinic, services they can administer at the client's home, and counselling they can dispense online.

Can I list an establishment representing multiple therapists?

Yes. TherapyNav allows multiple therapists to be grouped under one establishment or location. Likewise, each professional can list their services and manage their availabilities and appointments at multiple establishments or locations.

Does TherapyNav manage bills and payments?

No. At the moment TherapyNav handles only appointment bookings and cancellations. TherapyNav also provides a messaging service to facilitate the communication between therapists and clients. Payments, however, need to be processed independently by each provider.

What are the fees?

TherapyNav is completely free for both therapists and clients and it will remain free for the foreseeable future.

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